Training Officer

Paul McIlwaine – Elected 2018

Email: Training Officer or Try Dive Co-ordinator


I joined the Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club in 2017, having been a BSAC direct member since leaving my university club back in Ireland in 2009. I learned to dive with BSAC, became a Dive Leader in 2006 and then an open water instructor in 2007. Having been lucky enough to dive in the tropics (Red sea, Indonesia, Thailand), the Med (Malta, Mallorca) and all around the UK (Farne Islands, Dorset, North Norfolk, Cornwall, Lowestoft!)  and Ireland (Strangford and Belfast Lough, Donegal, Cork, Waterford, Antrim coast) I’ve met and dived with lots of divers from various organisations. I enjoy diving wrecks and reefs and I’m particularly interested in marine wildlife and interesting fish species! I help organise the try dive events and training for our new recruits, making sure they have all the materials they need to log their training and provide some of the BSAC lectures and practical lessons, with the other OWIs in the club.