Club Website

The club Website is a good source of information.


The Calendar is where you will be able to find the dates of our bi-weekly pool sessions, theory training, diving holidays and other events.

These ‘other events’ will include quarterly ‘Dry Meetings’ which all members are encouraged to attend.  Here you will be informed of what the Committee has been doing in the background (how they have been maintaining club kit, and how the club funds are being spent!), and the committee welcomes the views and ideas of all the club members.

Dive Log

This is probably the most updated section of the Website. Every club dive is recorded on the Website in the Dive log page. The Diving Officer needs to be informed of any planned diving so that he can assign a suitably qualified dive manager.

Members Area

The members area of our Website is where you will find the contact details of all club members. Please check your own details to ensure they are up to date, and advise a committee member if you move house, or change your phone number or email address. In this section you will also find all the previous minutes of meetings, the club bylaws etc.

You will need to register for this section and be approved before you get access to this area of the Website.

The Committee

The club is run by a committee which is democratically elected each year at the Annual General Meeting normally held in July. 

The committee is made up of members – just like you!  We are always looking for fresh blood on our committee, and it really is the best way to get involved and make the club work for you . . . so why not shadow a committee member, and then volunteer your services at the next AGM?!