Meetings and Awards


Once a year we have an Annual General Meeting where members of the committee are elected. There are also 3 other meetings spread throughout the year called quarterly dry meetings.

All of these meetings are held for the benefit of the members so that they know what’s been happening in the club regarding diving, training, finances, equipment, planned holidays and other events.

As the committee members do a lot of background work and spend a good deal of time preparing for these meetings, they would appreciate your attendance and contribution. If for any reason you are unable to attend please advise a committee member.


If you have completed a particular diving grade, it will be at one of these meetings that you are awarded a certificate.

At the AGM we give 2 special awards. For these, any member of the club can put forward their nominations to the Chairman or any other committee member:

Member of the year is awarded to a member who has made a significant contribution to the club during the year.

The wooden weight belt award is given to the person who has done something daft that made us laugh.