Member benefits

BSAC membership – As you know, in order to be a diving member of our club, you also have to be a BSAC member.  BSAC send regular newsletters about what’s going on, and issue a monthly magazine to members (an electronic version is sent to the 2nd BSAC member in the same household, and also to student/junior members). BSAC has an online shop, and some things are offered at a reduced price for members. BSAC also has its own recommended holiday insurance etc, which you may wish to consider when getting quotes.

Equipment loan – we offer club kit to our trainees to use both in the pool and in open water. Generally we make sure that our trainees have access to the kit before our other members, however, occasionally we run Try Dives on a Tuesday evening, and on these occasions, the Try Divers will need to be kitted up first.

Waterlane Leisure Centre – included in your LSAC membership fee is the pool fee for our alternate Tuesday club nights.  (This may be different due to Covid 19 and council outsourcing the operating contract). On these evenings, you can also bring guests (family or friends) for a fee of £4.50 per person.

Lowestoft Diver – LSAC has its own RIB, and you can take a trip out on it, for which we ask for a small donation of £12.50 towards fuel and running costs. When the RIB is launched by tractor, the £30 tractor launching fee is paid for by the people using it. Space permitting, you can also bring family/friends, but the cost for non members is £22.50

Non-diver training and events – Occasionally we will arrange for training and information evenings which are related to, but not strictly about diving.  These have included attending ‘flares’ demonstrations, watching the cylinder testing process, boat familiarisation and compressor operator training.  Some require a small fee, but many of these activities are free.

Free Air – LSAC has its own compressors, and a number of Compressor Operators.  The club cylinders are filled regularly.  Members can also have their own personal cylinders* filled assuming an operator is available (and the compressor is operational) at the time the air is needed.  This service is offered on a ‘best endeavour’ basis AND requires that your cylinder is tested and in date.

* We can NOT fill cylinders for your friends/family, as we are not insured to do so.