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Please like and follow us on our Facebook page 

Having members tagged in our Facebook posts, helps to spread the word about your club – so if we haven’t tagged you in any pictures that you’re included in, please tag yourselves, and share share share! You can also leave a Facebook review and we’d love you to do that.


We’re not terribly active on our Twitter page, but we try our best!  If you tweet, please add us as a contact.

And if you’re a really active Tweeter, perhaps you’d like to manage the club’s Twitter account?  Just let Simon know if you could help with that.


Here we publish our dive videos.

Take time to look at them to see the wide variety of diving we have done as a club. We would also like you to subscribe to our channel.

By including advertisements on the videos, we are able to raise a little money for the club, so please do watch and share.


Some of our photos are also published on Instagram. If you have an Instagram account please follow us, like and share our posts.