Another way to keep informed is by using our WhatsApp group which is called LSAC Divers.

Here members share information general club related news.  This can also be used to get in touch with the whole club at short notice (should there be last minute changes to meetings for example).  

You will probably have already been set up in this group, but if you don’t yet use WhatsApp, we strongly advise you download the app

Please put your name at the end of your post so that others know who you are, and try not to post unnecessary messages.  If you add your fellow members as contacts in your phone book, it will ensure the messages make a lot more sense! (you can find phone numbers of members in our members area.  See ‘website’ for how to access.)

We now have an additional WhatsApp group called Dive Notifications. The LSAC divers group sometimes gets very busy and any news of potential dives can sometimes get missed. The Dive Notification group is purely to notify members of a planned dive and includes a short description followed by an invitation link to join another WhatsApp group devoted to that one dive. Please do not post anything else in this group. If you want to ask questions about the planned dive, join the group via the link or ask the organiser directly.